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Premium Package

The key to success of our operation is our desire to use world’s leading and ranked among
the best components and switch gear for our solar installations
and sustaining same without compromising.


The following Inverters, highly established in European markets are being used by us for system installation thus giving our clients an entirely satisfactory comfort zone in terms of quality and efficiency of the system.

  1. Fronius
  2. SMA
  3. ABB
  4. KACO

PV Panels

The following PV Panels which are ranked within the “Best 15 PV Panel Brands in the World” in terms efficiency and financial stability have been used by us in the past and will continue to do so in the future as it plays a very important role in system performance efficiency.

  1. REC Panel
  2. JINKO

Switch Gear & Cables

High quality switch gear and cable usage for system installation is essential for safety and protection of the system and the premises and SUN RAY always insist on using the following “European Brand” switch gear and cables with warranty attached to same.

  1. Schneider AC Switchgear
  3. KATKO – DC Isolator
  4. LEONI – DC Cables