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Financial Benifits

Financial Benefits

Now, you would find that by seeking a loan for installation of solar system would make your monthly loan repayment installment as a savings to you instead of a monthly expenditure. You will seek a loan to set up a solar energy system to offset your monthly electricity cost and when such amount is compared with your monthly loan installment you would pay part of the existing resulting a monthly savings as discussed below. These assumptions are based on the basic cost of respective solar energy system with different system capacity under the two packages we offer to our clients and the loan repayment period is considered as ten years.

Standard Package

Premium Package

In addition to the above, the following financial benefits could be derived by setting up a solar energy system at your residence or commercial establishment by seeking a loan facility as stated above.

  1. Earn an additional income at the rate of Rs 22.00 per unit for surplus generation of electricity in the event of you opting to “Net Accounting “tariff.
  2. Ensuring stability of the monthly electricity cost for the next 10 years (despite potential increases of electricity tariff in the future) due to fixed monthly installment payable.
  3. Substantial decrease in monthly electricity cost and usage freedom due to solar system installation.